Hi!  I’m Terry L. Fossum.  Eagle Scout, former Scoutmaster, and the winner of Kicking & Screaming Survival Reality Show prime time on Fox Network.

I’ve been in Scouts almost 50 years, in most every position you can think of, and it helped me go from growing up in the poorest city in the entire United States with gangs and drugs, on the wrong end of an assault rifle in middle schools, my father killed when I was in high school, and told I would never grow up to be anything, to very successful in many areas.

Summer Camp to Survival Show Winner tells the story, and with all of the challenges we’re having in the world right now, I wanted to give you the Ebook version for free by clicking the link below.  Feel free to pass this link on to whoever you like.  We need to get the Scouting story out there.

Scouting changes lives.  It changed mine.  I’m sure it changed yours.  And there are others out there who need Scouting, too.

I hope you enjoy the book!


QUESTION: What do a mechanical engineer, a composer, a former Nuclear Warfare Officer, a successful businessman, a global adventurer, an author, a movie producer, an international speaker, a philanthropist, an actor, a black belt, a host, and a survival show winner have in common? ANSWER: They're all the same person.