Top 10 Ways We Try to Blame our Troubles on Something or Someone Else (and what to do about it)


  1. He ruined my life!
    No one can ruin your life, but yourself. They can try, but only you can let them. Don’t let them. Get back to work.
  2. I have the worst luck.
    I’ve learned that the best luck comes to those who get up off of their butts, stop looking at their failures and start looking at their successes. Get back to work.
  3. Things just didn’t work out.
    No, you gave up before they could. Get back to work.
  4. The timing was bad.
    The timing is never good. Something will always try to get in the way and thwart your success. The ‘perfect time’ to start anything is RIGHT NOW! Get back to work.
  5. I’m not as good as other people.
    Me, either; but you’re reading MY Top 10 list! You don’t have to be THE best, you only have to be YOUR best. There are always people who can learn from you, and there are always other people you can learn from. Get back to work.
  6. I’m not ______ enough. (insert your own excuse here)
    Then become ______ enough! Get back to work.
  7. You don’t know where I come from.
    I don’t care where you come from. I only care where you’re willing to go. Get back to work.
  8. You don’t have the same challenges I do.
    Who cares? Many people have had worse challenges than you have and have done better. Get back to work.
  9. I just don’t want to.
    Then I can’t help you. Wallow in self-pity long enough, and when your need becomes strong enough to overcome your excuses, look me up – if you can reach me. For now, get back to work.
  10. It’s too late now.
    Bull. If you’re reading this, then it’s not too late. Stop reading this and get back to work!