Terry speaks at Scouting Fundraisers at

half of his normal rate as a service to Scouting,

raising millions across the country.


Lauded as

‘the most effective story ever told

at a Scout fundraising event’


‘the best Eagle story I’ve ever heard’,

Terry inspires the audience to commit further

time, talents, and treasure

to a cause that is near and dear to his heart.

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Not just another sports, CEO, or celebrity story


Your Scouts and Scouters can RELATE TO

Raised in the poorest city in the United States surrounded by gangs and drugs, Terry found himself staring down the wrong end of an assault rifle in his own back alley in Junior High. In high school, his father was killed. Before he died, one of the neighbors told him “I just want to make sure you understand something: “Not a single one of your kids will ever grow up to be anything.”

But Terry and his brothers had Scouting, and Scouting changed their life.

This 30-45 minute keynote, modeled after his latest book sold by national BSA, tells that gripping story of how Scouting took Terry from that background to a highly respected Air Force Officer, a self-made millionaire, author, speaker, philanthropist and winner of Kicking and Screaming, Season 1 on Fox, and his brother to being an US Astronaut.

Specifically crafted to inspire volunteers and professionals to enhance giving of time, talent and treasures, council after council are reporting rave reviews, and raises in gifting over previous years.


FEEDBACK to SCOUT EXECUTIVE, Tim McCandless, from the COUNCIL BOARD in Providence, RI:
Good morning Tiffany and Tim
…I just want to thank you for a job well done. The guest speaker, Terry Fossum, was ‘Wicked Great”. I spoke to a number of Scouters that have been too many events in Scouting where there has been guest speakers and by far Terry was the best they have ever seen and heard. I also felt he was the best that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.
Stephen Hinger, President, Drum Rock Products


“Our American Values Luncheon saw an attendance increase of over 20% thanks to our partnership with Terry Fossum. His message is excellent for any Scouting groups. He is energetic, easy to work with, and truly cares about growing the program of Scouting! Highly recommended!”

Greg Leitch, Council Executive, Palmetto Council


Stuart and Mark,
As you know, I’ve questioned at times the need/value of a speaker. Let me be the first to say a big WOW about Terry. All other speakers have been excellent, yet, he was fantastic and I think made our jobs last night a bit easier. Please pass along my sincere appreciation to staff for their efforts.
Harry S. Smith, Market President, United Bank, Winchester, VA


Working with Terry Fossum was a delight. Terry has a true Scouting story the hits home with volunteers, donors, and corporate executives. His story is entertaining and
captures everyone’s attention while making it clear how important Scouting is and the relevance of our program for today’s youth. His speech was int

eractive with audience participation, multiple applauses and ending standing ovation. The evening resulted in a 15% increase in donations over previous years. Thank you and would gladly use him again and encourage other councils to use his energy and story to expand Scouting.

Stuart A. Williams | Scout Executive/CEO

Shenandoah Area Council, Inc

Personal 3-min message from Terry on how to GREATLY increase your attendance and RESULTS

Greatly increase attendance with this customizable video

Instructional video for Table Captains/Hosts

Watch Terry’s speech at Top Hands 2019 here:

QUESTION: What do a mechanical engineer, a composer, a former Nuclear Warfare Officer, a successful businessman, a global adventurer, an author, a movie producer, an international speaker, a philanthropist, an actor, a black belt, a host, and a survival show winner have in common? ANSWER: They're all the same person.