DON’T Face Your Fears

“People say to face your fears. I disagree. I say look PAST your fear to your goals, and focus on them. If those are important enough to you, your fears will disappear.” – Terry Fossum If you focus on your fears, then that’s all you can see! They become the biggest influence in your emotions. […]

The Lost Soldier

As the holiday season is upon us and the weather turns cold, I thought I’d share these thoughts with you as something to remember: The Lost Soldier In the cold a former soldier sits trying to stay warm. His clothes are ragged, his stocking hat frayed his gloves are tattered and torn. The doorway that […]

I am thankful for YOU!

I am thankful for YOU! If you’re reading this message, then you have almost certainly touched my life in some way. Even if we’ve never met, I know you’ve touched the lives of others, making the world a better place in your own way – and that touches my life as well. And that’s what […]

THANK YOU, VETERANS, for all you’ve given us!

Today’s Blog is a very special video blog about Veterans. Please share it, and comment below. Thanks, Terry formerly Captain Fossum, Executive Officer for the 92nd Operations Group, Nuclear B-52s To view, click the link below:

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