Terry Fossum

Every single day, everywhere around the world, regular people like you and I overcome great odds, great challenges to move forward, and make a difference in the world.  These people are my heroes.  You know people like this.  You may be a person like this.  I want to hear from you very much.

You may know that I was on the wrong end of an assault rifle in Junior High in my own back alley and that my father was killed when I was in High School.  Before he died, one of the neighbors came up to him and said, “I just want to make sure you understand, not a single one of your boys will ever grow up to be anything.”

Despite the challenges, I’ve done pretty well, my brother Greg is a successful dentist and philanthropist, and my brother Mike is an astronaut and Head of Texas A&M University, Galveston campus.

I tell that story because it helps people with our same challenges know that they don’t have to be held back by anything.  You know a story very much like this.  You know, or may be, someone who has faced the odds, and overcame them.  People need to hear these stories.

There are people right now facing their own challenges, needing to hear from someone like you that they’re not alone.  Other people have faced those challenges and were able to move past them.

I’m not just looking for the astronomical stories.  They don’t have to have became rich, or own some big company, or accomplished monumental tasks.  If they’re providing for their families; if they’re helping other people; if they’ve influenced one single life, then the world is a better place because they’re in it.  These are the stories I want.

WE WILL VERIFY THE STORIES.  And, if chosen, I will contact you or them personally with a certificate and personal letter.  I may feature them on my website, and perhaps more.

YOU’RE NOT BRAGGING BY TELLING YOUR STORY!  You’re inspiring other people.  I need you.

People need to hear these stories, and I want to help get them out there.  But I need your help.  Please take the time to fill out the form below.  It only takes a few minutes, and it might help change, or save, a life.