Terry L. Fossum

Movie Producer,

Movie, video, voiceover and television actor, live radio and television celebrity guest,

Host of Montana Department of Transportation PSAs, nation-wide videos for BSA National Supply,

anti-smoking campaign for the state of North Dakota,


WINNER, survival reality show Prime Time on Fox Network!

Head Shots

Winner!  Kicking & Screaming, Prime-Time on Fox!

Kicking & Screaming, Fox’s prime-time survival competition pits 10 of the top survival experts in the country against each other, while paired up with a complete novice: someone who had never even camped out in their back yard before!  Terry was the oldest person in the competition, and represented all of Boy Scouts of America, wearing his Scoutmaster uniform the entire time.

Watch Kicking & Screaming here!

Host, Montana Department of Transportation

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