“I tell my boys nearly every morning when they go off to school the same words I end most of my speeches with: Make the world a better place, because you’re in it. We are all very blessed to be in a position to make a profound impact on the world. Whether you’re rich or poor, smart or not-so, busy or retired, it doesn’t matter. You can make the world a better place, because you’re in it.

It starts with your family, and reaches out from there. Search out what touches your heart, and do whatever you can to make a difference. It may be in gifts of time or money, small or large; but it will make a difference.

Every amount you give in time, money, and energy will come back to you ten fold in a joy you can’t have from any other way than seeing others lifted up by your sacrifice; others who lives have been improved because of you.

That joy gives you a reason to get up every day, and to go to bed happy and fulfilled every night. And sleep very, very well in between.”
– Terry L. Fossum



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