I can’t believe I’m sharing this, but here it is…

A few years ago, a friend of mine was moving to Alaska, and asked me to store his old, upright piano at my house.  I’ve never played before, but as it sat there, I would goof around on it every once in awhile.  I had no idea what I was doing, but it was calming to me, and I enjoyed some of the stuff I was coming up with.

One Christmas I decided to record some of those songs by dropping a mic into the back of that old piano, and made a completely amateur CD that I gave to my family and a few very close friends.

To my surprise, my brother Greg played it at his dental office.  My brother Mike played it while he slept to drown out his wife’s snoring.  (I’m not sure that’s a compliment)  When Mike became an astronaut and went to the International Space Station, he took it with him to help him sleep.

I’ve decided to share those songs with you here, in case anyone else might enjoy them.  The recording quality is poor, I make several mistakes, and I still have never had a lesson or have any idea what I’m doing, but the price is right!

The legal stuff, because I don’t want them to be used inappropriately: copyright 2019 Terry L. Fossum, all rights reserved.  Feel free to download it and use it for personal listening, if you like.

Download the songs FREE:

Song explanations:

Memories of Minuet:  A calming, peaceful piece, reminiscent of a minuet, but not tied down to the structure

Boire Bach: Wanted to see if I could compose a song in the vein of Bach.  Somewhat haunting, at times edging on manic

Dreams and Desires:  Contemplating many aspects of what the future may hold

St. Petersburg:  Envisioning the industrial era in this Russian town, with the struggles of the working class; and yet in the midst of the chaos we find love

Airgre-Doux Amour (Bittersweet Love):  At times simplistic, at times complicated, exciting, sad, wonderful, never perfect