He literally wrote the book on Public Speaking!

“Truly inspiring”


“Best ever”

Running an organization is a challenge – that’s no surprise to anyone. What is a surprise is the dramatic effect an outside speaker can make on your organization and the people in it.

IF it’s the right speaker.

There are as many Motivational Speakers out there as ants on an ant hill. Terry has a story and perspective that is completely unique in the industry. His rags to riches story inspires those from all walks of life. His speaking ability is unparalled. His ability to deliver the message you need delivered to your organization is second to none.

“If you’re able to book him – do it without hesitation.”



Focus on the


Not the


Can you IMAGINE how much more effective your company would be?  In this 40 minute keynote (the example to the right was condensed due to time constraints), Terry uses examples from his show ‘Kicking & Screaming’ to drive this point home in a humorous yet inspirational manner.  Example speech given at the prestigious Rotary Club 21, the 21st Rotary International Club in the world!

(excerpts from the show cover the first app. 5 mins, followed by the speech)



Everyone shows their best speech – let me show you my worst.  In this speech I was sick, running a fever, lost my voice, the A/V wasn’t working properly, and yet received incredible accolades from the audience.

Blow the Bolts that Bind You:

At T-minus 5 seconds, the U.S. Space Shuttle is firing with all three main engines at full throttle, and yet it can’t leave the launch pad. Why? Because eight relatively tiny bolts hold it back. All of that energy and all of that potential, yet it can’t go anywhere. Then, at T-minus 0, explosive charges go off in those bolts so they blow apart–no longer able to hold the space shuttle back from achieving its potential.

The same thing happens to many of us. We have tremendous energy and endless potential, and yet something seems to hold us back from achieving our full potential–maybe from even getting off the launch pad! What are those bolts that hold us back? What is the energy that can shatter them so they can hold us back no longer?

In this 40-60 minute keynote, or 4 – 8 hour seminar, Terry identifies the key barriers that hold us back from succeeding, and gives hands-on training to help people blow those bolts forever, allowing them to reach their own full potential and achieving everything they were meant to achieve.


“Our group of 60 agents had the pleasure of having Terry Fossum visit with us. Terry’s one hour presentation was inspiring and uplifting, resulting in a standing ovation by all in attendance! Our group was extremely pleased that Terry was able to stay and autograph his book.

I recommend Terry for anyone looking for a motivating speaker that walks the walk and talks the talks.”


Craig A. Forman, CLU, ChFC, CLFManaging Partner, New York Life

“Thank you for being the keynote speaker at several functions in our territory in the last few months. Your speeches have been fascinating, dynamic, and enthusiastically received by our audiences!
You bring an incredible amount of energy, optimism, and passion to your speeches. Your life story is fascinating, your message is inspiring, and your delivery is fantastic. Everyone walks away with a smile on their face and excited about the possibilities that are ahead of them.
I appreciate that you effectively tailor each speech to the specific audience and I have had the benefit to see how you flawlessly integrate the purpose of each event into the message you deliver.
We are very grateful for your involvement in our events and the powerful impact of your speeches. I enthusiastically recommend you to other groups desiring an enthusiastic, interesting, and inspiring speaker.”


Tim McCandlessCEO

“Terry Fossum has been a speaker at several different events over the last 5 years for One Team Global. Thousands of our distributors and guests have listened to Terry’s dynamic presentations. Terry’s delivery hits with impact and is powerful. He punctuates his key points in such a way that the audience takes a way the key points of his presentations.
He is great for a small group of 10 to 15 or for audiences over 1,000. I have seen him connect with all of them.”


Nathan RicksOTG Founder


“You are every bit like Tony Robbins – I’ve been motivated and inspired!!!”

Sharon Whitley AB Canada

“This was amazing. Your Passion and commitment is an inspiration. Your presentation is so powerful and empowering. Succeed I will! I only wish we had more time to be with you! Thank you so much!”

Mauricia Timber, IrvineCA

“Terry’s presentation was not just inspiring but chock full of incredibly useful nuggets on how to create a plan that will enable us to succeed at whatever our goal may be. His Oxcart Technique is powerful, but only if we use it. I will use it!”

Susan Sheridan Seattle, Wa

“Terry’s presentation of the Oxcart Technique is unique and exciting. He challenges us all to look at how we can achieve our dreams.”

Jim Stanton

“Raw, honest, inspiring! Definitely an AHA moment! Thank you for being YOU!”

Yolanda DavisBellevue, Wa

“You are amazing and I thank you for being who you are, and I am blessed to know you. Your presentation ROCKED!”

Valerie Noelke
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