Terry’s one-hour presentation was inspiring and uplifting, resulting in a standing ovation by all in attendance! Our group was extremely pleased that Terry was able to stay and autograph his book.

I recommend Terry for anyone looking for a motivating speaker that walks the walk and talks the talk.


Craig A. Forman, CLU, ChFC, CLF

Managing Partner, New York Life

Before he became a reality television star, Terry L. Fossum was born in the poorest city in the United States, surrounded by gangs and drugs.  When he has 14 years old, he was staring down the barrel of an assault rifle in his own back alley.  In high school, his father was killed.  Before he died, a neighbor came up and informed him “none of your kids will ever grow up to be anything.”

Terry overcame great odds to be the Executive Officer for an entire Group of nuclear B-52 aircraft.  Following that, he developed sales teams around the world and became a multimillion-dollar earner.  With a passion for helping others, he further applies his leadership skill to philanthropic causes around the globe.  An avid adventurer, he once again overcame great odds as the oldest competitor on the ultimate survival competition ‘Kicking & Screaming’ on Fox network, leading a complete novice, an online video gamer, through the perils of the Fijian jungle against fierce competitors, winning the entire show.

The author of four highly-lauded self-improvement books, Terry’s energetic, humorous and personable speaking style leaves audiences laughing, crying, and, most importantly, performing at a level they may never have thought possible.

PERSUASIVE SPEAKING – Inspiring an Audience of 1 to 100,00 to take immediate ACTION, 1 hour keynote

Fresh off his highly-lauded keynote for the Texas A&M University Center for Executive Development, and Mays Business School MBA program, Terry skillfully teaches your teams to use the power of the human voice to increase sales, better inspire teams to take immediate action, and make positive changes in the world.

This is not only a highly educational speech, but highly inspirational as well extremely effective for small teams, or as a corporate keynote that will be remembered and talked about for quite some time.

Audience Takeaways

❑  Be able to better inspire teams to take ACTION

❑  Increase Sales

❑  Increase leadership effectiveness through enhanced communication

❑  Overcome all fear of speaking, and be the most powerful you’ve ever been

❑  Craft and deliver a highly-effective keynote speech, lecture or sales pitch

❑  Be inspired, educated and prepared to make a positive impact in the world

CREATING LEADERS, 1 hour keynote

In the past we’ve taught principles of leadership. Whereas that’s important, those who want to truly excel on a massive basis focus not as much on BEING the leader, but on CREATING leaders.

Therefore the next generation of leadership training shows the critical difference between the two styles, and prepares our leaders of today to create and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Terry draws upon his real-life leadership experience as the Executive Officer for an entire Group of Nuclear-B52 Bombers, creator of sales teams around the globe (becoming a self-made millionaire), the non-profit world, and even the winner of leadership-based survival reality show on prime time network TV!

Audience Takeaways

❑  Be able to understand the critical difference between BEING a leader, and CREATING leaders

❑  Identify the 10 MUST DO’S of creating leaders in your organization

❑  Avoid the 5 most common pitfalls that kill leaders in the field

❑  Know how to identify, work with and teach the 4 Stages of Team Development

❑  Learn how to focus and inspire a team to new heights

❑  Leave with information and inspiration to take action NOW!



LIFT OFF! 40-60 minute Keynote



As the Space Shuttle is on the launch pad, all three main engines are firing at full power, and yet it sits there, unmoving.  No matter how much energy it may have, and how much potential, it goes nowhere.


Because eight relatively tiny bolts are holding it back.

Then, at T minus 0, explosive charges go off, blowing the bolts and allowing the space shuttle to achieve Lift Off; to soar to great heights, and achieve what it was meant to achieve.

Each of us has eight bolts that hold us back as well, and until we identify and overcome them, we can never perform at our peak potential.

In this energy-charged keynote, Terry skillfully and humorously addresses the first three bolts, helping audiences overcome their fears, stop making excuses, and embrace failure as a welcomed component of Success.

Throughout the experience, Terry weaves in his family story of overcoming great odds to becoming a military leader, a self-made millionaire and winning Fox’s ultimate survival challenge, Kicking & Screaming on prime-time television, and his brother becoming a U.S. Astronaut.  Includes footage from Terry’s show, and a personal message from the International Space Station.

Audience Takeaways

❑  Be inspired by an amazing story of overcoming tremendous obstacles, and achieving great accomplishments.

Depending on time constraints, chose from the following eight ‘bolts’:

❑  COMPLACENCY kills business.  Get out of the ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ trap and move forward with fresh ideas!  Take a whole new look at your business, your employees, everything!

❑ FATIGUE happens over time and people become uninspired.  Learn how to refocus and reenergize your team.

❑ SELF DOUBT sneaks into most everyone, and holds us back from utilizing our innate talents.  Break free and shine!

❑ TIME WASTERS kill production, and it happens way more than we think!

❑ ATTITUDE is everything.  We know that, but how do we foster the best possible attitudes?  Simple techniques make all the difference

❑  Identify the EXCUSES they allowed to get in the way of achieving their goals in the past, and no longer give them the power to do so

❑  Learn to look past the FEARs that paralyzes us, and focus fully on our goals and dreams

❑  Embrace FAILURE, understanding that it doesn’t knock you off the path to success, it IS the path to success; and if you’re not failing, you’re not on any path at all!


“I am writing this letter recommending Terry Fossum for any high quality speaking engagement in which you need a world-class speaker for, and in particular when you want the speaker to get the audience to take action. This is certainly one of Terry’s specialties. Terry is not only a keynote speaker, but he is also a movie producer, actor, author, leadership expert, and adventurer; and it comes out in his talks/speeches. He keeps you engaged from start to finish, and leaves you thinking…WOW, that was awesome! More importantly, he will get your audience to take action!

Richard A. Castleberry, MBA Director of Full-Time MBA and MS Business Programs, Texas A&M University

“Every year, at our Exposition events we typically hire industry specific speakers to talk to our customers and employees about industry ideas or marketing and merchandising concepts.  However, this year we departed from the norm and decided to invest in people by bringing in a motivational speaker that could help them overcome their day to day challenges both on the job an in their personal life.

I heard about Terry Fossum and his inspirational story of overcoming adversity by understanding what holds people back.   So we took a the leap and wow are we glad we did.   In all my years of holding customer and employee events, I have never gotten back such positive feedback.  Overwhelmingly the sentiment was that of great appreciation for helping them (our employees and customers) as individuals be more successful.

We are so pleased that we are now rethinking future events using this kind of approach.”

Michael KamphausPresident & CEO, Peirone Produce Co.

“Terry was the guest speaker for our Scholarship Banquet in May 2019. Prior to his speech he made time to meet each of our scholarship recipients individually. Our scholarship programs include high school students and non-traditional returning students.  He asked great questions and connected with each student by engaging in their story, even for just a few minutes.  During Terry’s presentation; his energy, passion and storytelling style captivated everyone in attendance. His message was spot on for motivating our student winners as well as our members to go out and persevere in the pursuit of their goals and dreams.  Terry is definitely the best speaker we have had the pleasure to hear at this event in many years!”

Adrienne TorrePast President, Spokane Executive Women’s International

“Our group of 60 agents had the pleasure of having Terry Fossum visit with us. Terry’s one hour presentation was inspiring and uplifting, resulting in a standing ovation by all in attendance! Our group was extremely pleased that Terry was able to stay and autograph his book.

I recommend Terry for anyone looking for a motivating speaker that walks the walk and talks the talks.”

Craig A. Forman, CLU, ChFC, CLFManaging Partner, New York Life

“Terry Fossum recently delivered the keynote address for our annual Washington Food Industry Association event.  He was awesome!  Terry captured the attention and imagination of the audience as he shared compelling stories and lessons learned during his formative years, that have allowed him to “Blow the Bolts” in challenging himself to overcome self-imposed barriers to success.  The stories of his success as a reality TV survival show participant and those of his brother’s path to success as a NASA astronaut were great examples of Terry’s message of following your passion and removing the roadblocks that stand in the way of achieving your dreams.  Every member of the audience will enjoy the engaging presentation and leave with the determination to become their best self.”

Jeff PhillipsPresident, Washington Food Industry Association

“Terry Fossum has been a speaker at several different events over the last 5 years for One Team Global. Thousands of our distributors and guests have listened to Terry’s dynamic presentations. Terry’s delivery hits with impact and is powerful. He punctuates his key points in such a way that the audience takes a way the key points of his presentations.
He is great for a small group of 10 to 15 or for audiences over 1,000. I have seen him connect with all of them.”

Nathan RicksOTG Founder

“Thank you for being the keynote speaker at several functions in our territory in the last few months. Your speeches have been fascinating, dynamic, and enthusiastically received by our audiences!
You bring an incredible amount of energy, optimism, and passion to your speeches. Your life story is fascinating, your message is inspiring, and your delivery is fantastic. Everyone walks away with a smile on their face and excited about the possibilities that are ahead of them.
I appreciate that you effectively tailor each speech to the specific audience and I have had the benefit to see how you flawlessly integrate the purpose of each event into the message you deliver.
We are very grateful for your involvement in our events and the powerful impact of your speeches. I enthusiastically recommend you to other groups desiring an enthusiastic, interesting, and inspiring speaker.”

Tim McCandlessCEO


“You are every bit like Tony Robbins – I’ve been motivated and inspired!!!”

Sharon Whitley AB Canada

“This was amazing. Your Passion and commitment is an inspiration. Your presentation is so powerful and empowering. Succeed I will! I only wish we had more time to be with you! Thank you so much!”

Mauricia Timber, IrvineCA

“Terry’s presentation was not just inspiring but chock full of incredibly useful nuggets on how to create a plan that will enable us to succeed at whatever our goal may be. His Oxcart Technique is powerful, but only if we use it. I will use it!”

Susan Sheridan Seattle, Wa

“Terry’s presentation of the Oxcart Technique is unique and exciting. He challenges us all to look at how we can achieve our dreams.”

Jim Stanton

“Raw, honest, inspiring! Definitely an AHA moment! Thank you for being YOU!”

Yolanda DavisBellevue, Wa

“You are amazing and I thank you for being who you are, and I am blessed to know you. Your presentation ROCKED!”

Valerie Noelke

QUESTION: What do a mechanical engineer, a composer, a former Nuclear Warfare Officer, a self-made millionaire, a global adventurer, an author, a movie producer, an international speaker, a philanthropist, an actor, a black belt, a host, and a survival show winner have in common? ANSWER: They're all the same person.