Dear Fellow Rotarians,

I am writing you in my capacity as Vaccinations Committee Co Chair, acting through the Rotary 21 Special Response Task Force. The Spokane Regional Health District, whose vaccination clinics our Club supports, requested for Rotary 21 members to volunteer at the Fairgrounds test screening site in non-medical roles. It has taken a bit of time for due diligence to craft a smart process, and you may have noticed, for SRHD to refine their test site.

I appreciate that serving in this capacity is a personal decision that depends on many factors and nobody should to feel obligated to serve in this particular way. This is the reason I blind-copied potential volunteers (those on the cc: line are either Club leadership or Vaccination Committee members). SRHD has built a process and understands the practices that minimizes risk for volunteers; at the same time, SRHD guidance is that volunteers must be under 70 years old and have no health issues.

We asked Dr. Gretchen LaSalle, the Family Practitioner and vaccine expert who works with our Vaccination Committee, to review SRHD proposal and this was her response: “If acting mainly in a supporting role, knowing that you are outside and not in a confined space, with no direct or indirect physical contact with patients, I think your risk is really pretty low. I would feel quite comfortable having Rotary 21 members contributing in this way. I hope that helps and sets folks minds at ease.”

Here are some details:

The Sign-up Genius tool lets people see what shifts are available and sign up:  Sign Up Genius Tool Link to SRHD Test Site

Here is the current site information site: Link with Information including how to get to the test site. 

The day is broken out into two shifts:

 M-F   10:00A-5:00P

Sa-Su  10:00A-3:00P

There is overlap of shifts so that the afternoon group can be adequately oriented before the previous group leaves.

The primary non-medical roles are to:

  • Direct traffic – Greeting people and letting them know where to go
  • Complete intake forms – Asking people for demographic information; patients don’t touch the pen or form, the intake team writes everything down.
  • Runner – taking forms/labels from Command Center to the Screening area

Each volunteer gets a mask and those who are doing intake get gloves as part of the personal protective equipment.

SRHD provides food and beverages for each shift and there are portable toilets available.


As far as our Rotary 21 efforts, I invite you to sign up for any shifts you would like. I invite you to coordinate with fellow Rotarians to sign up for shifts together. If you do sign up for a shift and you can remember, please let me know for tracking purposes.

I also propose that we attempt to sign up for a future date where Rotary 21 members fill the shift: Sunday afternoon, April 26, for a shift that starts at noon and goes until 3 PM. I am proposing this date 1)  because it’s a couple of weeks out and there are emptier shifts, 2) so those who are working weekdays might be available Sunday, and 3) it will relieve the medical students from a weekend shift. I note that the four signed up for that 12 person shift already are serving everyday, so they are experienced and can teach us. So we need eight Rotarians for that one.

The information link above directs people to use the entrance at the corner of Broadway and Carnahan. I will bring t-shirts for volunteers who do not have them on April 26, but given the weather (we will be outdoors), for now I am recommending we focus on serving the shift and not dressing uniformly. Please bring a signed HIPAA form (attached), but if you don’t there were be ones available to you. Having your own pen might be a good idea.

If you would like more information, here is a Spokane Health Alliance Volunteer training video  According to SRHD, this is not required for Rotary 21 volunteers, but you may find it useful.

I am sure I have missed something, so if you have a question, please reply to me; if I believe all recipients need that information I will reply to all with the question & answer. If anyone is able to volunteer before April 26 and gains information they consider useful, please reply to me about it.

Yours in Rotary Service,


Kevin Berkompa