Have you ever reached for a goal… and failed?

Have you ever reached for a goal and failed? If so, read on:

Just before takeoff, the space shuttle would thrust toward the sky with nearly 16 million horsepower of force.  That’s the approximate power of 16 million horses all pulling at the same time!  Yet it goes nowhere.  It can’t go anywhere.  Something is holding it back.  Even with all of that power thrusting it to the sky, with a plan of going into space and traveling at 17,500 miles per hour, something more powerful than all of that is holding it back.

What is this massive power that is keeping the space shuttle from reaching its potential?

Eight relatively tiny bolts.

That’s right: Eight bolts, only about five inches in diameter, hold it from accomplishing anything but making a bunch of smoke and steam.

A launch was an amazing sight: The engines would scream a deafening roar.  The entire shuttle would shake in anticipation. The ground would quake as 12 billion watts of power attempted to propel this 4.5 million-pound shuttle out of our atmosphere.

And still it sat there.


At T minus 0 seconds, small explosive charges were set off in those bolts, and they were blown away.

They could no longer hold back that thing that was meant to soar.  It broke free of its bonds and accomplished the mission it was meant to accomplish.

And in so doing, it made a difference in the world, and inspired millions.

Have you ever felt like the space shuttle at launch?

You have all of these dreams, all of these ideas, all of these things you want to accomplish.

And maybe you’ve tried before.  Maybe you’ve worked hard, put in the blood, sweat and tears to accomplish something, but couldn’t quite get there.

Things seemed to always get in the way.  Setbacks kept happening.

Then, after time, the passion faded, and you find yourself failing to reach your goal… again.

Just like there were eight bolts that held the space shuttle back, there are 8 factors that normally hold people back from accomplishing their goals.

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to share what those bolts are, why they exist, and perhaps most importantly, what you can do about them.

Then, perhaps when you reach for your next goal, you’ll exceed even your highest expectations!

Tune in next time as we explore Bolt #1: Fear

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