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 Top fraction of 1% in his entire industry – in the world, #1 Bestselling Author on Wall Street Journal, bestselling author on USA Today, #2 TEDxTalk in the world, survival reality show winner, prior U.S. military officer, global adventurer, entrepreneur, philanthropist.  

After excelling in international business, the United States military, the philanthropic world, martial arts, on TV and in movies, and even on adventures around the globe, he’s now dedicating his life to helping others on their own journey.

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Life is an adventure!

Do you remember when we were young, and going on an adventure?  That adventure may have even just been in your backyard, or to a local zoo, or into the woods, or maybe make-believe in our own minds!  

And you believed anything was possible?  You could be or do anything you wanted to!

At some point, we stopped looking at life like the adventure that it is.

Maybe we got bogged down with responsibilities, disappointments, or bad experiences or decisions.  Maybe we were weighed down by world around us.

It’s time to change that.

It’s time to truly live again. To get out of your comfort zone and see new sites, experience new joys, to climb new mountains, and feel the excitement that comes from truly living!

It’s time to believe again that virtually anything is possible – because it is!  You truly can reach those goals, you can overcome those fears and self-doubts, venture outside of your comfort zone, and regain control of your life, your relationships, your health, your future!

It will take work; but it can be done!

Terry is Your ADVENTURE Guide

In any adventure, you need a good guide; someone who’s been through the hardships; faced the adversity; overcome the challenges, and, just like any true guide, helped a lot of others do the same thing.

Growing up in the poorest town in the U.S., Terry L. Fossum was told he wouldn’t amount to anything. But Terry didn’t see things that way and has since lived a life that most would envy. Not only has he had wilderness adventures around the globe, but he’s has won a TV survival show, became an international business leader, a philanthropist, an international keynote speaker, a highly-regarded coach, and a #1 bestselling author, and much, much more.

Terry’s deepest passion is helping others overcome the obstacles that keep them from achieving their dreams. This site will give you the tools to do exactly that.


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There are a lot of self-professed gurus out there.  It’s important to pick a guide who you relate to, has been through the challenges, and excelled not just in one area, but many!

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