Don’t wait until you die.

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How to get past your fears!

Some people say to face your fears.  I disagree.  I say to look PAST your fears. If you face your fears, that means you focus on them.  If you focus on them, they become larger.  They become more real. Don’t focus on your fears, focus PAST them. In martial arts board breaking, we don’t focus […]

Have you ever reached for a goal… and failed?

Have you ever reached for a goal and failed? If so, read on: Just before takeoff, the space shuttle would thrust toward the sky with nearly 16 million horsepower of force.  That’s the approximate power of 16 million horses all pulling at the same time!  Yet it goes nowhere.  It can’t go anywhere.  Something is […]

Girls in Boy Scouts

As a 45-year Scouter, former Scoutmaster, Vice President for Program for the Inland Northwest Council who represented Boy Scouts of America on a Prime-time network television reality show (and won!), I’m asked all the time about my thoughts about girls joining the Boy Scouts of America, and recently did a quick news story on my way […]

Terry WINS Season 1 of brand-new survival reality TV show on Fox!

The oldest person on the competition (the token old guy), Terry surprised everyone by WINNING Season 1 of Fox’s new survival reality show, Kicking & Screaming, with his novice partner, Natalie Casanova!  Terry represented the entire Boy Scouts of America by wearing his Scoutmaster uniform the entire time on the show.  He’s now traveling across […]

Terry to appear in Jungle Survival Reality Show ‘Kicking and Screaming’ on FOX!  

Do not hate people; hate hatred.

Do not hate people; hate hatred. Do not look down on others; lift them up. Don’t search for attributes that make people different; find the commonality. If we reach out with a fist, we force others to do the same. If we reach out with understanding, we inspire others to do the same. Anger creates […]

BE the man you want your son to be, because he will.

A dad came up to me the other day and asked if I would work with his son.  It seems his son got caught sneaking a backpack full of booze to school, and was being expelled.   The boy is 15.  It didn’t end there, though.  The complaints were that he was cussing like a […]

THIS is most important of all

Always make time for those who are most important in your life. Terry L. Fossum Who will be with you at your deathbed? Who will mourn you most when you’re gone? Whose life will have that hole left in it that only you can fill? Your boss? Your coworkers? The boys (or girls) at the […]

Terry Fossum Center, Rwanda

Excerpts from Terry Fossum’s keynote at the dedication ceremony for the Terry Fossum center in Rwanda, to help train the widows and orphans of the Genocide in marketable skills: “There are those who would tear down; and those who would build. There are those who would spread hate; and those who would spread love. There […]

QUESTION: What do a mechanical engineer, a composer, a former Nuclear Warfare Officer, a successful businessman, a global adventurer, an author, a movie producer, an international speaker, a philanthropist, an actor, a black belt, a host, and a survival show winner have in common? ANSWER: They're all the same person.