Advanced public speaking skills separate those who inspire from those who merely inform; those who lead from those who follow; those who exude confidence from those who fade into the shadows. And yet, for many, it’s a fate worse than death. This one skill could be keeping you from achieving all you can, from making the difference you want to make in the world around you. It doesn’t have to.

In this short book, renown inspirational speaker Terry L. Fossum shares his biggest secrets of going from shyness to greatness; from growing up in a small border town to captivating audiences around the world. Highly recommended by academia, corporate leaders, military leaders, professional speakers, and even astronauts and pageant winners, this easy-to-read guide helps the novice overcome their fears, and the expert hone their skills.

“The speaker’s bible that everyone must have.”



Before reading The S.I.M.P.L.E. Guide I was always nervous and did not enjoy giving speeches or talking in large groups of people. The S.I.M.P.L.E. Guide has given me a newfound confidence. Coming from the pageant world one would assume I have my public speaking skills down but nothing has prepared me for delivering a confident and perfect presentation like this book. Thank you Terry for making speaking in front of people fun and enjoyable. This book needs to be enjoyed by all.

– Claire Elise Schreiner Simmons, Miss Wyoming USA 2010,

Model, Actress and Fashion Blogger

The S.I.M.P.L.E. Guide to Public Speaking—Without Losing Your Lunch by Terry L. Fossum is a great guide to help you overcome any apprehension you may have of public speaking. In this short and easy to read book, Terry provides great tips and strategies to help put you firmly on the path to becoming a highly effective public speaker. The strategies presented can also be used to overcome anything you may be nervous about in your day-to-day life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The S.I.M.P.L.E. Guide” and I’m thankful to Terry for the tips I’ll use in my own public speaking.

– Col Ron Garan, USAF (ret), Retired NASA Astronaut,

author of The Orbital Perspective – Lessons in Seeing the Big Picture From a Journey of 71 Million Miles

Terry Fossum’s new book is indeed S.I.M.PL.E. yet profound in addressing how to triumph over one of our greatest fears–public speaking. With humor, personal insights and anecdotes Terry gets to the core of what it takes to be an effective public speaker. This book is essential for all of us who, even rarely, give speeches to two to 2,000+ people.

– R. Bowen Loftin
President Emeritus, Texas A&M University

Whether you are a nervous beginner or an expert striving for
continuous improvement, this book will be an invaluable tool
for every speaker in any industry. In less than 100 pages,
Terry will help you structure a strong presentation and give
you the simple tools to present more powerfully than you ever
have before.

—Dayna Steele, radio and television personality
Named one of The 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America

I highly recommend Terry’s new book for anyone that is getting
into the realm of public speaking no matter how small or large
of a group! And, if you are already an “A” student, these
thoughts can improve you to an “A+”!

—Craig A. Foreman, CLU, ChFC, CLF
Managing Partner, New York Life

Have you ever walked out of a presentation with the thought,
“Wow, that was fantastic, how did the presenter do that?” Terry
Fossum, one of the most gifted speakers of our time, walks you
through the steps of becoming a dynamic speaker. Energy,
excitement and enthusiasm are on every page as the reader is
led through not just the construction of a presentation, but the
mental preparation needed to give a dynamic speech. I’ve been
teaching and doing presentations for almost fifty years and I
learn new things whenever I hear Fossum present or read one
of his books. If you are new to public speaking or an old hand,
A S.I.M.P.L.E. Guide to Public Speaking is a must.

—Tom Bitterwolf, Professor of Chemistry, University of Idaho
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Sciences

This is absolutely the best foundation you can have to improve
your public speaking. I’m much more focused and effective
now, and fearless and confident regardless of the size of the
audience. I have completely changed my public speaking
approach to S.I.M.P.L.E. and I’m getting super positive results
and feed- back. I can’t wait for my next audience!

—Lon Gibby, CEO, Gibby Media Group

The S.I.M.P.L.E. Guide should be required reading for anyone
who will ever lead. Communication is the key to leadership, and
Fossum will teach you not merely to inform, but to inspire people
to take action. Whether it’s for the military, the business world, or
even a Boy Scout troop, you’ll learn the most effective techniques
from a true leader and master orator.

—Col Steve Harper, USAF (ret) Former Commandant,
Defense Nuclear Weapons School

The S.I.M.P.L.E. Guide to Public Speaking – Without Losing
Your Lunch! is a fantastic how-to to break into the world of public
speaking. If you struggle with the fear of public speaking,
Fossum provides a fantastic tool to help you work through that
fear to become a successful and impactful speaker. The easy
to follow and easy to implement process will help you from honing
your speech to setting up the room correctly to truly wowing
your audience. Fossum will set you up for success!

—Ty Bennett, Award-winning Speaker and author of The Power of Storytelling


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